The company actively works to advance the knowledge on Warsaw’s material heritage. Each new development undertaken by BBI Development SA is accompanied by the publication of books authored by noted Warsaw expert Jarosław Zieliński, describing the history and present day of the surrounding area.

The company has published four books in the ‘Warszawa wielkomiejska’ (Metropolitan Warsaw) series:

  • Pasaż Simonsa (Simons Arcade), which traces the history of the area of the planned development project at the site of the former Simons Arcade: Długa, Nalewki, Plac Krasińskich streets.
  • Foksal i okolice (Foksal and it’s Environs), related to the Rezydencja Foksal project, focuses on an area bounded by Nowy Świat, Aleje Jerozolimskie, Okólnik and Tamka.
  • Koneser, Ząbkowska i okolice (Koneser, Ząbkowska and it’s Environs), accompanying the Praga Koneser Centre development project, is a compendium of the history of Praga Północ district, particularly the area around the former Koneser Vodka Factory.
  • Plac Unii i okolice (Plac Unii and it’s Environs), which came out in connection with the development of the Plac Unii shopping and office building, a gate between Mokotów and Śródmieście.

A fifth book is in development:

Marszałkowska i okolice (Marszałkowska and it’s Environs), connected with the development of the Marszałkowska Centre at the site of the former Sezam building. The books will present the history and present day of the area bounded by Królewska, ul. Zielna, Aleje Jerozolimskie streets and Plac Powstańców Warszawy.

The books published by BBI Development SA were intended as a promotional tool, but they have attracted intense interest, so the company made them available for retail sale.

To promote Foksal Residence, Praga Koneser Centre and Plac Unii, the company paired up with Gazeta Stołeczna to publish three tour guides: Foksal i Okolice by Jerzy Majewski, Koneser by Tomasz Urzykowski, and Plac Unii i okolice by Jerzy Majewski. The readers of Gazeta Stołeczna were invited for a virtual tour through the history of Foksal Street, held in the stylish interiors of the Residence. Jerzy Majewski and Jarosław Zieliński were the tour guides.
A tour of the Praga Koneser Centre was also organized for the readers of Gazeta Stołeczna, with Tomasz Urzykowski and Janusz Owsiany, a lover of Praga and its history, as guides.

Jerzy Majewski led a tour of Plac Unii, while Jarosław Zieliński invited Varsovians into a new office building that commands a splendid panorama of Warsaw.

BBI Development SA has also supported other publications adding to the knowledge of the history of Praga, Warsaw and architecture:

  • Praga Prawa strona Warszawy, picture album
  • Warszawska Praga, picture album
  • Warszawa – Dzieje Fortyfikacji by Prof Lech Królikowski
  • Poszukiwanie architektury by dr Mirosław Orzechowski

Medals commemorating the Praga Koneser Centre

Before the Second World War, the Koneser complex was home to the National Mint, which produced Polish coins and medals. As a nod to this pre-war tradition, BBI Development SA, in partnership with Silesian Mint is releasing a series of commemorative medals with the Koneser Centre logo on the reverse and images of Koneser’s revitalized and new buildings on the obverse. So far, the Mint has released medals to mark the topping out ceremony for the revitalized Mint building and for the new Distillery building. Each new building will be commemorated with a coin.