Other cultural and community projects

In Search of Architecture

In conjunction with the Warsaw branch of the Association of Polish Architects and the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, BBI Development SA launched a debate on the role of architecture in the urban space and on city development, including the downtown area, leading to a series of seminars and conferences called ‘In Search of Architecture’. Panel discussions brought together noted architects and lecturers of the Warsaw University of Technology. In addition, a competition for a panorama of Warsaw (all media allowed) for art students was held and a show of work by Prof Andrzej Strumiłło and an art auction were staged. All proceeds of the auction benefited the Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust.

Dziedziniec Dialogu

In 2013 BBI Development SA joined Dziedziniec Dialogu, an event held in Warsaw by the Catholic Archdiocese of Warsaw and the Centre for Thought of John Paul II under the auspices of Poland’s President Bronisław Komorowski. Similar events took place in other European countries. The event involved a series of discussions, concerts and theatre performances, and aimed to seek shares values that do not divide but unite.

Lenten Lamentations Festival

The international theatre and music festival Lentern Lamentations was held in Warsaw in March and April 2014 to celebrate the canonization of John Paul II. The company supported a host of theatre performance, concerts, installations and animations for children, presented in collaboration with renowned artists. The central idea was to seek answers to questions about philosophy, theology and culture through the lens of art centered around the themes of Passion, mourning, Lent and Easter.

Papal Exhibition

In May 2011, the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Capitoline Museums in Rome hosted an exhibition of Vittoriano Rastello’s unique photographs documenting the life of John Paul II. BBI Development SA donated funds for the Polish part of the exhibition, called “Elevated to the Altars”.

Jacek Kuroń Multicultural Secondary School

As part of its efforts to support Praga’s development and protect its cultural heritage, Juvenes-Projekt Sp. z o.o.’s design studio developed plans to revitalize a 19th-century building at Kłopotowskiego 31 street (former ul. Szeroka), repurposing it as home to the Jacek Kuroń Multicultural Secondary School. The plans were then used in renovating the building.

The preservation of Praga’s material heritage was also behind another effort which involved preparing the records from the renovation of the elevation of the Owl House at Okrzei 26 street.
The company also supported the renovation of another Praga building, the Loretto Sisters House at Kłopotowskiego 18 street, which is home to the Community Club at Father Ignacy House.

Social Dialogue Committee

As part of their efforts to promote the development of Praga-North, the members of the Executive Board of BBI Development SA and Juvenes-Projekt Sp. z o.o. are involved with the District Social Dialogue Committee. For many years, the company’s Executive Board member Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz served as the chair of the Committee, a civic body associated with the District Authority. Currently, he is the Committee’s Vice-Chairman.