Awards and achievements

BBI Development SA offers a unique approach to its investments, what was repeatedly appreciated by the jury of national rankings, exhibitions and competitions. Our awards are presented below:

2019 – Centrum Praskie Koneser with the Architectural Award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw in the “Best Revitalization” category and with a special prize for solutions ensuring accessibility

2019 – Eurobuild Awards 2019 for Centrum Praskie Koneser: “New Hotel of the Year 2019”

2019 – PRCH Retail Awards 2019 for Centrum Praskie Koneser: “Revitalization of the year”

2019 – PLGBC Green Building Award 2019 for Centrum Praskie Koneser: “Best ecological expansion /  renovation / revitalization”

2019 – Real Estate Impactor 2019 for Centrum Praskie Koneser: “Project bringing a new quality to city residents”

2018 – Eurobuild Awards 2018 for Centrum Praskie Koneser: “New Office of the year”

MAPIC Awards 2018: Centrum Praskie Koneser, finalist in the category “Best Retail Urban Project”

2015 – Prestigious award in category ,,The Properties and Construction sector”

The sixth edition of Antal “The most desirable employer in the opinion of specialists and managers”


2015 – Main prize in category ,,Buildings in line with the principle of sustainable development”

,,Best Residential Project 2012-2015” organized by the Polish Association of Developers


2015 – Main prizes in categories of Apartament, Interior design show home, Residential developer and Residential high-rise developer.

Europan Property Awards 2015





First prize for Best Event of 2014 for the opening of Plac Unii City Shopping  and an honourable mention for Best Opening Campaign of 2014.

PRCH Retail Awards 2014



2014 – Prestigious award for PLAC UNII in the competition Prime Property Prize 2014 in the category of Architecture.
Prime Property Competition Prize in 2014-the best in commercial real estate (23 September 2014).


2014 – Award for the Best Exhibitors at the Fair of Housing and Homes in Warsaw

Organized by NEW ADDRESS SA.

2012 – Investment of the Year Award for Residence Foksal
Acquired in the Construction Competition 2012.

2012 – Award for Developer of the Year
Acquired in the Construction Competition 2012.

2012 – Third prize in the category Building of the Year 2012
For the office building in the former distillery Koneser in Warsaw.

2011 – First Prize in the category Building of the Year for Residence Foksal
Competition organized under the auspices of the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians.

2008 – First prize and the title of the Company of High Reputation for funds belonging to the BBI Group
Acquired in an independent survey among institutional investors.