The project that is open to the city and its people – the construction of Centrum Marszałkowska in the city centre of Warsaw is about to begin

Already this March, the implementation of Centrum Marszałkowska project, an office and commercial building at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets in Warsaw will commence. The investor, BBI Development S.A., has announced that the general contractor for the project will be Korporacja Budowlana Doraco. Centrum Marszałkowska will be the first office building fully integrated with an under-ground station, which in addition to all the facilities of a typical Class A+ building will also offer up to five green terraces and a carefully revitalised urban passage of Witold Rowicki.

The project, carried out in cooperation between BBI Development S.A. and the Warsaw Co-operative “Społem” on the site of a former department store “Sezam”, will offer a total of approximately 15,500 sq.m. of usable floor area, of which 11,000 sq.m. will be converted into offices, while approximately 5,500 sq.m. will be turned into trade and services areas. For the convenience of its tenants, the project will provide for 106 parking lots in a two-level underground parking as well as for innovative and environmentally-friendly tools, allowing to obtain the BREEAM certificate at the expected level of Very Good. The investment is an ideal solution for companies looking for a prestigious address, excellent office visibility and time-saving solutions, due to the project’s central localisation (Centrum Marszałkowska is located at the intersection of two metro lines as well as a dozen of bus and tram lines).

Facing the city

“Centrum Marszałkowska is a uniquely-located project that is much more than an office building. It is the emanation of dynamic and positive trends changing the centre of Warsaw into a place comparable to other European metropolises, which is both multifunctional and vibrant. It is also an investment with a strong retail and services component, utilising the potential of a modern high-street use at the junction of two representative streets of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska, characterised by one of the highest footfall rates in the capital”, says Michał Skotnicki, President of BBI Development S.A.

According to the idea of openness, Centrum Marszałkowska, being part of a modern shopping street and a characteristic Warsaw’s route of art and culture, will offer anyone who wishes something more than a shopping experience a revitalised intimate urban passage of Witold Rowicki. The whole harmonious architecture will be perfectly complemented by five green terraces, providing for a relief and a great view of the city life.

Construction in good hands

The implementation of the project has been entrusted with Korporacja Budowlana Doraco. “The selection procedure lasted for many months. We were looking for an entity that is more than a general contractor. We wanted to find a partner. We turned to several reputable companies. Korporacja Budowlana Doraco has made the best offer not only in terms of a co-investment partnership, but also when it comes to the portfolio of skills and experience”, explains Michał Skotnicki, President of BBI Development S.A.

“Korporacja Budowlana Doraco has impressed us with a strong specialisation and a high standard of its estate portfolio. In the case of Centrum Marszałkowska, a very complex investment characterised by high-class standards, these attributes were particularly crucial to us”, adds Rafał Szczepański, Vice-President of BBI Development S.A.

Korporacja Budowlana Doraco specialises in the implementation of large and complex projects, which total value has already exceeded several hundred million euros. These include, among others, the construction of the Airport of Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk or, just put into operation, the largest in Poland 42-foot-tall wind farms plant in Szczecin.

“We have implemented investments of a similar scale as Centrum Marszałkowska, and also even bigger. In our portfolio, we have even more complex projects. This project is undoubtedly very inspiring due to one of the best locations in Warsaw. The investor has placed before us a particularly demanding task to carry out the construction on a very narrow plot of land, located at the crossroads of two major street arteries in Warsaw. Hundreds of thousands of people pass through here every day. An additional challenge is to integrate the building with an underground station. We are confident that our 25 years of experience in managing various engineering and logistics ventures will enable us to realise this important project for the capital in an impeccable manner. With much success we have just completed an important stage of deep foundation for another project in the centre of Warsaw. Important here is also our expertise to work on custom projects. One of the most difficult engineering tasks in recent years for us was the construction of the dome of the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw”, says Andżelika Cieślowska, President of Korporacja Budowlana Doraco.

The construction works will begin in April 2016 and will last for another 22 months, so Centrum Marszałkowska will welcome its first tenants in the first quarter of 2018.

Further information:

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Korporacja Budowlana Doraco – Andżelika Cieślowska, President
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