Countdown to the premiere of ZŁOTA 44

Over 300 workers on-site, intensive work on the tower’s recreational floor, construction of partition walls throughout the building, plus two new show apartments. The works at ZŁOTA 44, coordinated by Wardbud, will finish as soon as this year. Then the procedures providing first apartments of the tallest residential tower in European Union to the customers begins.

The finishing works are taking place simultaneously on all of the skyscraper’s floors. Yet, progress is most visible, among others, on floor 8, the recreational space for the exclusive use of the residents and their guests. The area of 1,400 sq. m has already been divided into individual rooms and zones, such as the saunas, gym, children’s area, cinema, and pool. – Shortly, the installation of the steel basin for the 25‑meter pool will begin. This will be a major logistics operation as the structure is made of stainless steel and weights over seven tons. It was manufactured on our special order in the Czech Republic and will be delivered in several parts. Given its size and weight, first, we will lift it by crane onto the tower’s 400‑meter terrace, and then we will place it inside the building – says Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz, Vice President of BBI Development S.A.

But the pool is only one of the recreational floor elements. The area will also include world‑class amenities in a five‑star hotel standard that has previously been unavailable in Poland. In addition to the 25‑meter pool – the largest pool offered inside an apartment building in Poland – the residents and their guests will also have access to a fully equipped gym, massage rooms, Finnish sauna, steam bath, playroom for children, and cinema with a golf simulator. The offer will be complete with a spacious terrace with a Jacuzzi.

The investors have also taken care that their clients can make the most informed decision possible about purchasing an apartment. For this reason, in addition to the already existing show apartments on the tower’s 50th floor, the investors – BBI Development S.A. and Amstar – are preparing two entirely new show apartments located on floor 38.

– The finishing works at ZŁOTA 44, coordinated by Warbud, are gaining intensity every single day. Ultimately, the construction site will be manned by 500+ people at a time. Collaboration with specialists of this level is a guarantee of smooth and timely completion of the investment. As a result, we will start the procedure of providing first apartments to the residents of ZŁOTA 44 as soon as this year – says Rafał Skotnicki, Vice President of BBI Development S.A.

Moreover, the electric, plumbing, and heating systems are being installed on all floors of the tower at the same time. Current works also involve setting up the HMS (Home Management System), which will enable the residents to easily control, among others, the air conditioning, tilt windows, ventilation, or window blinds by means of a sleek panel installed in every apartment and via mobile devices.

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