BBI Development S.A. at the 2016 MIPIM Fair – representing four flagship projects in Warsaw

During the biggest real estate trade fair in Europe, 2016 MIPIM in Cannes, BBI Development S.A., an official partner of the City of Warsaw, will represent four flagship projects that are changing the face of central districts in the Polish capital – Śródmieście and Praga, and which all at once point to the huge investment potential of Warsaw.

At the fair, BBI Development S.A. along with its partners will present to the real estate specialists from all around the world these special investment projects which are now entering into the new stages of completion.

“All our projects reflect the dynamic development of Warsaw, but also the high standard of living in the capital. Złota 44, the biggest residential skyscraper in Europe ensuring undeniable standard and comfort of living not seen before in Poland, Centrum Marszałkowska, the first office building to be fully integrated with a metro station, Centrum Praskie Koneser, revitalised and multifunctional project in the Praga district, as well as the Roma Tower, 170-metre modern building – all these projects, because of their scale and innovative nature, attract world-league investors to Warsaw, improve the quality of life for local residents and tourists, and positively influence the perception of the Polish capital in the world”, says Rafał Szczepański, Vice-President of BBI Development S.A.

The highest in Europe

Złota 44, located in the very centre of Warsaw, is in the crucial phase of implementation. It is a joint project of BBI Development S.A. and Amstar, an US investment fund. Works on finishing this highest and most luxurious skyscraper in Europe gain in intensity every day and are managed by a renowned company Warbud. The building will be completed by the end of 2016. Złota 44 has an exclusive arrangement of apartments providing for top-comfort services and facilities for the inhabitants, as designed by a renowned architect studio – Woods Bagot. The recreational floor encompassing around 1,400 sq.m. will include recreational and business zones as well as wellness and spa areas with a 25-metre swimming pool, gym, private screening room and a sun terrace with Jacuzzi.

Modern office and commercial space on the eve of implementation

The construction of Centrum Marszałkowska at the intersection of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska streets in Warsaw will be commenced soon. The investor, BBI Development S.A., is in the final stages of selecting the general contractor for the project, which will enhance the very changing appearance of the modern Warsaw’s downtown. Centrum Marszałkowska will be the first office building fully integrated with an underground station, offering a total of approximately 15,500 sq.m. of usable floor area, of which 11,000 sq.m. will be converted into offices (1,300 comfortable work stations), while approximately 5,500 sq.m. will be turned into trade and services areas. For the convenience of its tenants, the project will provide for 106 parking lots in a two-level underground parking as well as for innovative and environmentally-friendly tools, allowing to obtain the BREEAM certificate at the expected level of Excellent. The investment is an ideal solution for companies looking for a prestigious address, excellent office visibility and time-saving solutions, due to the project’s central localisation (Centrum Marszałkowska is located at the intersection of two metro lines as well as a dozen of bus and tram lines).

The new heart of the Praga district

Centrum Praskie Koneser is a unique project located in the heart of the old Praga district, in the 19th century, historical complex of Warsaw Grain Alcohol Factory. Currently, with the combined efforts of BBI Development S.A. and Liebrecht & Wood, the former vodka factory is undergoing a thorough revitalisation. This is the first investment in Warsaw referred to as mixed-use, which on approximately 100,000 sq.m. of usable floor area will offer up to four functionalities: office, commercial, cultural and residential (there will be 330 lofts and soft lofts). The undeniable advantage of the 5-hectare complex is a combination of the 19th century red-brick architectural splendour with modern buildings inspired by the original factory structures.
“By giving the complex its second life, we face its rich history and historic architecture on an every-day basis. Our work can be compared to the work of a jeweller: we grind a diamond in a very precise and careful fashion. By employing the principle of sustainable development to our project, we set the correct path for other revitalisation developments in Praga. Lofts and soft lofts, the start-up Campus of Google, world’s first Museum of Polish vodka or a lifestyle hotel – these are the factors that make Koneser not only a way of life, but also a way of being. This is an investment that is happening here and now. Together with Liebrecht & Wood we revitalise one of the most recognisable places on the map of Warsaw’s Praga”, says Rafał Szczepański, Vice-President of BBI Development S.A.

The functionality of usable floor areas, many modern solutions as well as an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of the project were all appreciated by the giant Google, which chose Koneser to become home for its start-up campus. Moreover, the world’s first Museum of Polish vodka will be located in a completely renovated distillery building, presenting the 600-year-old history of the production of vodka on the Polish territory, the local tradition of manufacturing as well as the reputation of this Polish product worldwide. Koneser will also host a modern conference and events centre as well as a lifestyle hotel and a market.

“During the MIPIM Fair we proudly present the advantages of Centrum Praskie Koneser to the foreign customers, while stressing the importance of this investment from the perspective of the entire Warsaw. As part of the project we create a fully revitalised, multifunctional city quartier. It is the only space of such kind in Warsaw, combining the unique ambiance of historical architecture with modern offices and entertaining areas including restaurants, shops, a museum and a hotel”, sums up Mariusz Kozłowski, President of Liebrecht & Wood.

New point in the panorama of Warsaw

Currently, BBI Development S.A. is awaiting the adoption of the local development plan for the area of Poznańska street in downtown Warsaw, where another project will be constructed, namely the Roma Tower. The investment at the intersection of Nowogrodzka and Emilia Plater streets, implemented jointly with the Archdiocese of Warsaw, foresees the erection of a 170-metre building characterised by a soft, timeless architecture and providing for the highest quality surfaces, one perfectly complementing the skyline of Warsaw’s downtown.

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