The visit of the Association of Warsaw Uprising Members at Złota 44

“The anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising is one of the most important dates in the history of Poland. It symbolises our fight for the country, also heroism and determination of Poles to reach for freedom. It is my privilege to welcome you at Złota 44, a skyscraper that gives the best view on something that you were fighting for. Today from the 50th floor we can take a look of a vivid, wonderful and strong European metropolis, which year after year is discovering more of its potential”, said Rafał Szczepański, Vice-President of BBI Development at the start of the meeting.

Among the guests who visited Złota 44 were Zbigniew Galperyn, Eugeniusz Tyrajski and Stanisław Kral-Leszczyński, the representatives of the Council of the Association, and also Tymoteusz Pruchnik and Grzegorz Hanula from the Museum of Warsaw Uprising.

“My dreams have come true. A city that was ground zero has been rebuilt and is truly breath-taking. This is most important for me today”, said Zbigniew Galperyn, Vice-President of the Association.

In July this year, the representatives of an American investment fund, Amstar, one of the investors in Złota 44, visited the Warsaw Uprising Museum, discovering its history as well as the main events that started on 1 August 1944. They were impressed by this extraordinary place, which is a tribute to those taking part in the Uprising.

“The visit was very emotional and it brought forward certain reflections as to what this war was about and what it meant to fight in it. Today, as a citizen of a country that supported Poles in their fight for freedom, I have the honour to meet with you – heroes of those events. Warsaw is a fascinating and intriguing place, where truly ambitious investments are implemented with a lot of success. This is thanks to people like you – strong, bold and ambitious Poles who have shaped this country”, said Jeffrey Stonger, Vice-President of Amstar.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Uprising, which broke off on 1 August 1944, this year on Saturday at 17.00 Złota 44 will be lit by the colours of white and red. The lights will be turned off on 2 October – on the day when the Uprising collapsed and when the lights on the Czerniakowski Mound in Warsaw are also put out.