Plac Konesera will come to being

Plac Konesera will come to being.

A new place in Warsaw approved by Warsaw City Council.

On July 6th, 2017, Warsaw City Council considered and unanimously approved the petition to give the name Plac Konesera [Eng. Koneser Square] to an area located within the Koneser Centrum Praskie – a multifunctional investment located in Praga Północ district combining residential, retail, office, and cultural functions. Thanks to this decision, the inhabitants of Warsaw obtained a new meeting and cultural center located in the heart of Praga district with a close proximity to the creative and innovation businesses, restaurants, and cultural places. An official opening of the investment and the square in planned for Spring 2018.

Centrum Praskie Koneser is a 5-ha plot between Ząbkowska, Markowska, Białostocka, and Nieporęcka Streets located in the former Warsaw Vodka Factory. The architectural design for revitalization of Koneser includes an adaptation of old post-industrial facilities and a creation of contemporary buildings harmoniously reflecting the architectural landmark. At the beginning of the year, the Honorary Committee filed a petition to the Warsaw City Council asking for assigning a name Koneser Square that directly refers to the history of this place. The Honorary Committee was motivated by a great care in preserving the remembrance of the symbols of Praga district that bear an exceptional historic meaning.

As an investor operating in Praga disctrict for over 20 years and a person who pays incredible attention to preserving the historical awareness and protecting the cultural heritage of Praga district, I felt not only motivated, but also obliged to apply for the name Koneser. This is the most effective way of preserving an association among the inhabitants of Warsaw and tourists between the place and its former function. It is also a promotion of Praga district and an invitation to discover it. After 6 months of intense works, we can say that Warsaw has obtained a new cultural center and Praga district has obtained the first square at this bank of the river that gathers all of the following: services, businesses, museums, restaurants, and residencies. This is our mutual success – says Rafał Szczepański, the vice-president of BBI Development, one of the owners of Centrum Praskie Koneser.

The Honorary Committee that signed the petition is comprised of 15 Warsaw activists, people known for their work for the city, and representatives of art and culture: Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Mirosław Nizio, Czesław Mozil, Joanna Erbel, among others. The proposal to assign a name Koneser Square was supported by over 400 individuals, including the owners of Centrum Praskie Koneser. As far as formal aspects are concerned, proper city commissions and the Street Names Office positively assessed the application; it was also approved by Praga-Północ District Council. City Council on the session, July 6, unanimously approved the proposal.

We would like to pay respect to everyone who for the last couple of months has displayed dedication and determination to obtain the name Koneser Square and to the representatives of the local government who have understood and supported this application. As the investors, we take full responsibility not let them down. Our aim is to make Centrum Praskie Koneser and Koneser Square a showpiece of Warsaw, a meeting place open to everyone. We want to invest in the Praga district and take care of its gradual development, as we believe that this district has an amazing potential – summarizes Mariusz Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Liebrecht & wooD Poland.

The name Koneser Square will become part of the City Information System. Next, proper markings will be present on the streets, in the means of public transport, and on the maps. The investors confirm that the official opening of the Square will take place in the spring of 2018 when Centrum Praskie Koneser will be opened.