Atende S.A. chooses Centrum Praskie Koneser for its seat

The commercial part of Koneser, the investment realized by Liebrecht & wooD Group and BBI Development S.A. at Ząbkowska Street in Warsaw’s Praga, includes i.e. 25,500 sqm of offices. Both revitalized and newly constructed buildings with the office function offer a high standard, wide arrangement possibilities for tenants and a unique working environment. These factors,
in combination with an excellent location, make the commercialization process in Koneser progressing very fast. The development is eagerly chosen by innovative companies, including those representing the new technologies sector.

  • Atende S.A. has leased 2,158 sqm of office GLA in Centrum Praskie Koneser, located
    at Ząbkowska Street in Warsaw’s Praga.
  • The new seat of Atende S.A. will occupy the whole floor in the building H, in which office space is 100% leased. 
  • This is the next leader of innovations, which chooses Koneser.

The group of office tenants in Koneser has been extended by the company Atende S.A., which will occupy the whole floor in the centrally located, new building H (Kadzielnia) – 2,158 sqm of office GLA. Currently office space in the building H is 100% leased.

”We have always based our offer on the use of modern technologies and searching for innovative solutions for our clients. We would like the new Atende S.A. office to be unique – modern and functional, but at the same time unconventional and standing out with an exceptional architecture. We have found such office space, which perfectly matches the needs of the new technologies sector, in Koneser” – says Iwona Bakuła, the Vice-President of Finance of Atende S.A.

Atende S.A. is one of the leading Polish IT companies, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2012, having 25 years of experience in realization of the technologically advanced IT projects. The company belongs to pioneers of the Polish Internet – it was the first provider of the commercial Internet in Poland. It specializes in providing services on IT infrastructure, network integration, IT outsourcing, cloud computing and cybersecurity. As the Capital Group, it directs its offer to i.e. telecommunications, public administration units, healthcare, energy and multimedia sectors.

”The space lease by Atende S.A. proves Koneser’s attractiveness and its perception by innovative companies. It is also a natural choice for organizations counting on an excellent localization and wide access to public transportation in the office proximity” – comments Ilona Koski-Lammi, Leasing Manager at Liebrecht & wooD.

Finalization of the agreement with Atende S.A. was supported by a dedicated team of Nuvalu Polska advisers.

The seats of i.e.RK Legal law office, Dago Centrum, CLICO and Energy Solutions will be located in the office part of Koneser. Campus Warsaw, the Google initiative dedicated to start-ups, already operating in Koneser, will occupy a greater space in the building J next year. Future tenants still have a chance to lease office spaces in the revitalized building C and in the new buildings O and P.

Koneser, as a mixed-use development, will have an attractive additional offer for office tenants. There will be i.e. the Moxy Warsaw Praga hotel, the Polish Vodka Museum, Zdrofit fitness club and Damian Medical Center with pharmacy. It will also be an ideal place for people willing to do the shopping in an exceptional atmosphere after working hours or have a great time in one of numerous restaurants and cafes, such as Bombaj Masala or Etno Cafe.