Koneser chosen the best Polish housing project

Centrum Praskie Koneser is the best Polish housing project in the “Sustainable building” category, according to Polski Związek Firm Deweloperskich (Polish Union of Developer Companies). The prize was awarded at the second edition of the nationwide contest for “The Best Housing Project 2012-2015”.The objective was to reward projects that provide perfect living conditions, ensure usability, are environmentally friendly, comply with the principle of sustainable development, and are in line with the modern rhythm of dynamically changing cities.

“It is a very valuable prize. We have been appreciated not only for our performance, but above all for the sensitivity that should characterise every investor facing history, old architecture, and most of all, a place with a soul. Our activities may be compared to a jeweller’s work. With utmost precision and meticulousness we polish the diamond which Centrum Praskie Koneser definitely is”, says Rafał Szczepański, Vice-President of BBI Development.

Currently, with united efforts of BBI Development SA and Liebrecht&wooD Group, Koneser is undergoing an extensive restoration. For years, Koneser Vodka Factory was a tycoon in the production of high-quality alcohol. At Monopol, classic and refined brands of vodka, such as Wyborowa, Luksusowa or Żubrówka, were created. The first Polish zloty coin was minted at the National Mint located in the complex.
Centrum Praskie Koneser is an urban, multifunctional, mixed-use quarter that combines housing, commercial, office and cultural spaces. The project involves conversion of post-industrial factory buildings into modern facilities that blend into the city’s historic area. Apart from lofts and soft lofts, it will include modern offices, original culinary concepts, cosy boutiques, elegant fashion houses, service points, a lifestyle hotel, and an event centre. It is also a seat for the Campus Warsaw start-up, one of the most prestigious projects of Google. The American giant was enchanted not only by the entrepreneurial spirit present in its historic red brick, but also by the history and tradition, with which Koneser is inextricably linked.
The list of functions to be performed by Centrum Praskie Koneser is still open. The complex will house one of the most modern museums: Polish Vodka Museum.

The complex is perfectly located – just in the heart of the old Praga, right next to the newly opened underground station, Dworzec Wileński, and only a few minutes from the city centre.

“Today’s gala was dominated by projects located in Praga – Centrum Praskie Koneser, Osiedle Wilno and Soho Factory. Sustainable development will be the idea governing the construction of the entire complex. We want to “blend” into the urban tissue of Praga, and the award is a proof that, as an investor, we blaze the right trail for other restoration projects located at Praga”, Rafał Szczepański emphasized.

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