Sezam demolition commenced

On 16 February 2015, works started to pull down the former Sezam department store. In September 2014, Nowy Sezam received a final construction permit to develop a 10-storey office & retail project on the site (the Marszałkowska Centre). The project’s retail component will include Sezam delicatessen operated by the reputable ‘Społem-Śródmieście’ Warsaw Grocers Cooperative. The Marszałkowska Centre will be the first building in Warsaw to have a connection with a metro station exit (Świętokrzyska). Demolition of Sezam is to be completed in April this year. The new development is expected to start in autumn 2015 and continue until the end of 2017. The building was designed by Juvenes – Projekt Sp. z o.o., a firm of architects that is a subsidiary of BBI Development SA.