Museum of Polish Vodka at Koneser

An new landmark development will enliven the historic district of Praga in 2017. A Museum of Polish Vodka, which will open at Koneser two years after the opening of the second underground line, a few minutes away from the Dworzec Wileński Station, will showcase a part of our national heritage, attracting thousands of tourists.

“The Scots have their museums of whisky, the French their museums of cognac and champagne. The time has come for Poles to begin showing off their national tipple. Hence the initiative of Pernod Ricard, under the auspices of the Polish Vodka Association, to create a Museum of Polish Vodka at Koneser”, said President of the Polish Vodka Association Andrzej Szumowski.

The museum is set to become a major highlight of the Prague Koneser Centre, a project currently developed by BBI Development and Liebrecht & wooD Group.