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Warsaw’s KONESER to house exceptional community hub by Google for Entrepreneurs

Across Poland entrepreneurs are creating exciting new businesses. Google is bringing Campus, a space for entrepreneurs to learn, connect and build companies that will change the world to Warsaw, and it will be located at Praga Koneser Center – a mixed use scheme under development by a joint-venture of Liebrecht & wooD Group and BBI Development SA on the site of the former Warsaw Vodka Distillery.

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The Great Come Back of ZŁOTA 44

On April 16, 2015, BBI Development S.A. and US-based private equity fund Amstar officially launched sales of apartments in ZŁOTA 44, the iconic luxury residential tower located in central Warsaw.  The building’s façade glowed with new life to highlight its highly anticipated return to the luxury residential market.

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Złota 44 is back on the market at MIPIM in Cannes

The EU’s tallest residential tower is back on the luxury property market with a new offering. The 192-meter-high exclusive apartment building, offering 37,000 square meters of residential space, was showcased at the premiere international property event, MIPIM, as the symbol of the economic success of Poland and of its fast-growing capital.

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